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Get off the bus – ‘there is no God’


Atheistbus Richard Dawkins is helping fund a campaign by the British Humanist Association to persuade people that God does not exist. Posters are to be placed on 30 bendy buses in London in January with the slogan: ‘There’s probably no God. So stop worrying and enjoy your life.’ The campaign is the idea of comedy writer Ariane Sherine, who suggested it on a blog after hearing about a Christian campaign promoting the concept of everlasting flames in hell for unbelievers. The Atheist Bus Campaign will come shortly after the annual church campaign promoting Christianity during the festive Christmas season. My colleague Adam Sherwin broke the story first in The Times. As Ekklesia reports, the Methodists were among the first to welcome this. Read more about it on the JustGiving blog.

This could be a classic case of what psychotherapists describe as ‘transference’. I take some delight in learning from this that Richard Dawkins and the small number of people who belong to the British Humanist Association have clearly been worrying about the existence of God. We all assumed they didn’t care, but I guess something has to explain the apparent anger that leaps from every page of The God Delusion. When I interviewed Dawkins I found, to my surprise, that there seemed to be the potential at least for some kind of belief. In a rational, fearsomely intelligent man this would understandably promote some alarm.

For myself, I have no trouble believing in God and it neither helps nor hinders my enjoyment of life. Making faith, or the lack of it, the determinant of pleasure is rather missing the point, in my view. But I don’t believe in bendy buses, and never will. The sooner Boris bans them the better.

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