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Greenbelt and the gayification of evangelicalism III

And now, finally, I would like to finish this off with a final question and then a request for action to be taken. 

We have various Christian organizations — Christian Aid, Church Urban Fund, YMCA etc. — which are publicly identifed as associates with Greenbelt (GB).  Their logos are on GB’s site. I have argued that GB is advancing a distinct, and, in my opinion, dreadfully one-sided and post-orthodox LGBT agenda.  And what is so worrying is that it is being done in tandem with other facets which are either neutral or thoroughly commendable, important and congruent with biblical orthodoxy.  The end result will lead to ambivalence, confusion, or actual conversion to a gay ‘gospel’, will it not?  How could this not be the case?    

May I ask whether those organizations would be willing to share this marvellous public space if GB were to allow the BNP, say, the same space, publicity and advocacy as it has granted to LGBT advocacy?  Jesus mixed ‘out there’ — well, the BNP is ‘out there’ too but some would believe that is a step too far.  People judge one by the company one keeps, do they not?  Would the Church Times, say,  be happy to be associated with an event which had as one of its associates the BNP?   Each group must answer that question for themselves, I guess. Some would insist that if the BNP had a significant place on the platform and in the marketplace, then in good conscience they could not be an associate.  Some would argue the same for orthodox Christian groups.  Simply being there in an official capacity sends out all the wrong signals.   At some essential level, it signals that things are okay — and they are not.    

If in fact these organizations are present, I believe they need to make crystal clear  their commitment to biblical sexual orthodoxy.  If you agree, may I encourage you to contact them, alerting them of the situation and your desire that they take what will be a profoundly unpopular and uncomfortable stand.  They will be accused of being ‘homophobic’ and ‘anti-gay’ (nothing new there) and will need to be able to defend what they are both for and what they are against.  Will they do so?     

Christian Aid:  [email protected]

Church  Army:  [email protected]

Church Times:  [email protected]

Church Urban Fund: [email protected]

CMS:  [email protected]

YMCA:  020 7343 1 844 

And you could try to connect directly with Greenbelt — [email protected]   I received no reply but perhaps you will!    

Dr Lisa Severine Nolland

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