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Letter to CEN: Gay Questions


Thanks to Benny Hazlehurst for his response (6 May – copy below) to my letter of 21 April. He rightly notes that any specific study of San Francisco gay men will indicate promiscuity. More’s the alarm, then, that the many random-sample surveys uniformly confirm the stark picture.

Drs Gagnon (Bible and Homosexual Practice, 2001: 452-60) and Brown (A Queer Thing Happened, 2011: 382-6) cite 20 or so secular publications covering various nations (two British). Larger scale studies broadly agree.

Around 90 per cent of homosexuals aren’t in a couple at all. Of those who are, only 10-25 per cent were monogamous during the last year. Whereas even in the USA around 80 per cent of married people have never committed adultery. A given heterosexual couple is about 41 times more likely than a given homosexual couple to be monogamous. Lesbian relationships last on average two-thirds as long as gay male.

By all means reply with superior weight of evidence. But — as I’ve previously challenged both a liberal Anglican website and those who sacked Dr Raabe from the Home Office — all agree that multiple statistics can’t be trumped by no statistics. Such silence is eloquent.

Dr Christopher Shell

The Rev Benny Hazelhurst's letter referred to by Dr Shell:


Dr Christopher Shell’s letter against gay marriage (21 April) contained the claim that scientific research had proved that the majority of gay couples are in
‘open’ or non-monogamous relationships.

What Dr Shell does not say is that the research he quotes from the Centre for Research on Gender and Sexuality is a highly selective survey in San Francisco with the aim of identifying patterns which will help prevent the spread of HIV in more open relationships.

The research was conducted amongst men only, in the Bay Area of San Francisco – an area renowned the world over for its permissive homosexual culture, and is in no way a representative section. Reporting the research, the San Francisco Chronicle said, “A study released this week… puts statistics around what gay men already know. Many Bay Area boyfriends negotiate open relationships that allow for sex with outsiders. They call them ‘San Francisco relationships’.”

So far from being a ‘large-scale study that confirms that 55 per cent of same-sex couples do not intend monogamy’ as Dr Shell claims, it is in fact a highly limited study in a particular geographical area and the only things it seems to confirm are Dr Shell’s prejudices.

The UK is not the same as the USA, and the Bay Area culture of San Francisco is not representative of the LGBT community worldwide.

What is much more remarkable, is that despite the moral and ethical vacuum created by the Church’s condemnation of all same-sex relationships, the LGBT community has not permanently descended into sexual anarchy. Increasingly, gay lobby groups are moving away from their previous mistrust of marriage as an institution, to a place where they recognise the desire of same-sex couples to promise life-long love and faithfulness to one another.

This shift should be welcomed by Christians, and not treated with disdain by the misuse of unrepresentative, selective

The Rev Benny Hazlehurst, 

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