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David Cameron says UK will pressure Africa on gay rights

By Jessica Geen, Pink News

Prime minister David Cameron hosted his second Downing Street reception for the LGBT community on Wednesday night and said the government would continue to pressure African governments on gay rights.

[...]  'I think we’ve got a lot to celebrate in Britain when it comes to issues for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Recently, Britain was named the best place for gay equality in Europe. I don’t think that means we should be complacent.

I think it is a huge testament to the work of the last government and I believe what this government has done as well. It’s great to see politicians from all parties here. But I just want to say one thing that made me very proud in the House of Commons today, it was a Conservative member of parliament who stood up and congratulated the government on the reception for a section of society that wouldn’t have happened years ago. Iain Stewart asked that question. I’m proud he asked that question, I’m proud I was able to answer it, it shows that all organisations can change.'

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