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Sunday worship from the UK and elsewhere

1. The bells of St Lawrence, Towcester in Northamptonshire – BBC Radio 4
- available from 5:43am BST Sunday
2. Sunday Worship comes from the Grosvenor Chapel near the American Embassy in London in a commemorative service – BBC Radio 4 – available from 08:10 am BST Sunday:
3. 9/11 Memorial Anniversary
'The National September 11 Memorial and Museum' – Yahoo News video
A prayer from the Archbishop of York:
A prayer from the Church of England:
Tribute website:
Reflection from the Archbishop of Canterbury:
Prayers offered by Pope Benedict:
United Nations memorial event:
Reflection from Archbishop Duncan:
'Stirring memorial September 11 service attended by US rugby team' – Sydney Morning Herald
Also available – an Episcopal Church hope and healing service for 9/11 from Washington Cathedral with an idiosyncratic sermon:
4. 9/11 Broadcasts Coming up:
UK Services:
1:30 pm London Time 'America remembers September 11' – BBC 2 TV [UK only] from New York:
3:15 pm London Time 'Britain remembers September 11' – BBC 1 TV [UK Only] ceremony from Central London – expected to be from the Memorial Garden outside the American Embassy and perhaps St Paul's
4 pm London Time [11 AM EST] A memorial service from The Falls Church Virginia will be live streamed by Anglican TV. The sermon will be preacher will be Archbishop Duncan.
8:30 pm London Time – John Lennon's 'Imagine' will be rung by the bells of Exeter Cathedral and broadcast live online here:
10 pm London Time [5 pm EST] A reflection from Canon Kendall Harmon of the Diocese of South Carolina is expected to be posted on Anglican TV:
5. The Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham, Alabama broadcasts
its 9 am Central Time service [3pm London time] via internet radio:
click 'listen live' on this link:
6. Choral Services are available from the chapel of St John's College, Cambridge [previously unbroadcast recordings made last term are being podcasted weekly over the summer]
recordings are also available from the chapel of New College, Oxford [nothing new until the new term]
7. Various sermons available:
Holy Trinity, Brompton Road:
All Souls, Langham Place:
St James the Less, Pimlico
8. St John's Nottingham is trialling interactive multimedia timelines under the titles
'New Testament Christian Origins' (in partnership with the Bible Society) and 'Faith and Modernity':
Bishop Tom Wright has three new videos for St John's on 'Paul and the Faithfulness of God: 'The shape of Paul's Theology':
Galatians Introduction:
Romans Introduction:
9. Billy Graham preaches at the National Prayer Day after 9/11 at Washington National Cathedral in 2001
10. Prayers [Please pray for the Middle East and North Africa, the Horn of
Africa and East Africa, Somalia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Sudan and today for peace and security particularly remembering those serving with the services overseas]
Topical Prayers for people and countries around the world – CofE site:
Prayer for the persecuted church – CofE site
Prayers and materials for the Middle East and Northern Africa – Lent
and Beyond prayersite:
'Prayer for People in Somalia and the Horn of Africa – CofE site
UN briefings on Somalia:
DEC Appeal [UK]:
Tanzania: 'Zanzibar ferry disaster: Scores die, many more rescued' – BBC News
Zimbabwe: 'As Zimbabwe priest is freed, bishop is robbed of communications equipment' – ACNS
'Mugabe’s Bishop Kunonga evicts nurses, school head and priests' – SW Radio Africa:
Kunonga evicts another priest' – Newsday:
South Sudan: New Cabinet sworn in – UN
11. Sunday Program – current affairs with Edward Stourton – BBC Radio 4 -
available from 07:10 am BST Sunday
12. A prayer for the Rugby World Cup – Church of England site:
Matches and highlights are available on the ITV dedicated site page:
13. The Last Night at the Proms 2011 available worldwide on BBC Radio 3 and in the UK may also be watched on BBC TV here:
14. Reith Lectures 2011: Dame Eliza Manningham Buller, retired head of MI5 on 'Terror' in the lecture series 'Securing Freedom':
15. Food for thought:
'The 9/11 attacks are linked to a wider moral malaise' – Lord Sacks – Times
'Loving Muslims One at a Time' – Interview with Canon Andrew White – Christianity Today
'Now the dust has settled' – J.John – Christian Today and CEN
'Church accused of asset-stripping over property sales' – Independent
'Lichfield diocese welcomes 28 new lay ministers as Bishop calls on church to reverse ‘over-clericalised' – Dio Lichfield press release
'John Stott's earthly resting place' – Chris Wright
16. Final thought: 'Elijah and the prophetic truth of the ‘still, small voice’- Lord Sacks – The Times archive from 2007 [1Kings 18:16 to 19:21]
17. 'Sogno' – Francesco Paulo Tosti sung by Gillian Zammit – AboutSound

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