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A battle to the death against moral relativism

By Michael O'Brien, LifeSite News

[...]  If I had to encapsulate it in a thumbnail, I would say that everyone is fighting a battle to the death with a dictatorship of moral relativism. This struggle is waged primarily regarding national laws to protect the unborn and to protect various aspects of life, but it’s on every other level of culture as well.

Confusion is created everywhere through media. Media is the primary shaper of consciousness of our times. In every nation that I visited it was the primary concern of apostolic people—clerics as well as lay apostles. The unprecedented power of film, television and Internet is something we Christians have never had to deal with before on this scale. And it was encouraging to see that new strategies are being initiated everywhere in every country where I went.

Common to all the people I met was the sense that we are facing a Goliath, a monster that feeds on, or is driven by money, profit, and an underlying agenda of social revolution on a scale I don’t think we have ever seen before in the history of man. What we are looking at is the dismantling of the great treasure Christianity gave Western civilization.

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