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Civil Partnerships in religious premises: Act Now – contact the Lords today

Please urge peers to support Baroness O'Cathain in the debate on civil partnerships being registered in religious premises.  This is taking place TODAY.
The UK government is committed to removing the legal barrier to civil partnerships being registered on the religious premises of those faith groups who choose to allow this to happen.  While the Church of England has distanced itself from these plans at present, based on past experience of the success of gay lobbying groups, many people do not trust promises made, and fear that they, or their clergy, may in future be forced to perform ceremonies which violate their conscience.  Indeed, Ben Summerskill of Stonewall has more or less promised this when he said that faiths shouldn’t be forced to hold civil partnerships, but that may change in ten or twenty years. The consultation document admits that there is a risk of future legal challenges.  The Christian Institute’s response can be read here.
Now the peers, led by Baroness O’Cathain, are proposing a debate on 15th December, in an attempt to scupper it entirely.  We would  encourage readers to write to, email or telephone peers to urge them to support Baroness O’Cathain in the interest of religious liberty.  A list of peers and their contact details can be found here

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