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European Parliament urges access to abortion to stop the spread of AIDS

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, LifeSite News

The European Parliament, the European Union’s representative body, has passed a resolution urging the use of abortion and contraception to stop the spread of AIDS, while making no mention of abstinence education.

The document, coded “B7-0615/2011,” which was passed December 1, addresses the European Union’s “response to HIV/AIDS in the EU and in neighboring countries,” and lists a number of measures to combat the deadly disease.

According to the document, the European Parliament “calls on the Commission and Council to ensure access to high-quality, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, information and supplies,” which should include “equitable and affordable access to contraceptives, including access to emergency contraception; safe and legal abortion, including post-abortion care.”

The document does not mention abstinence or abstinence education, which medical experts say is the most effective way to prevent HIV transmission.

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