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Sunday worship from the UK and elsewhere

1. The bells of York Minster – BBC Radio 4 – available from 5:43am BST Sunday
2. Choral Evensong from Winchester Cathedral – BBC Radio 3 – available now for a week
Introit: Cradle Song (Richard Causton)
Responses: Clucas
Psalms: 93, 94 (Harris, Wesley)
First Lesson: 1 Kings 19vv9b-18
Canticles: Collegium Regale (John Tavener)
Second Lesson: Mark 9vv2-13
Anthem: The Three Kings (Jonathan Dove)
Hymn: Brightest and best (Wessex)
Organ Voluntary: Dans le Verbe était la Vie et la Vie était la Lumière (Messiaen)
3. Sunday Worship in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity comes from Clare College, Cambridge – BBC Radio 4 – available from 8:10 am BST Sunday
Resources for the week of prayer for Christian Unity 2012 – Churches Together [18th-25th January]
'Week of Prayer for Christian Unity gets underway' – Christian Today
4. Choral Services recorded previously are being released from the chapel of St John's College, Cambridge
Past services from the chapel of New College, Oxford [nothing new until the next term]
5. John Stott Service of Thanksgiving held on Friday at St Paul's Cathedral
Video is now available from the Langham Partnership
Part 1: Opening tributes from Bishop Michael Baughen and Frances Whitehead:
Part 2: Tributes from Archbishop John Chew of South East Asia, Bishop Robert Aboagye-Menseh of the Methodist Church of Ghana and Ruth Padilla-DeBorst from Latin America
Part 3 to 5 will probably be posted here in the next few days:
Texts of the tributes and sermon, photos and the Order of Service [with a considerable number of tributes at the back, well worth reading] are available on the John Stott Memorial Website:
Sermon by Bishop Tim Dudley-Smith [pdf]
Other reports:
'A memorial to John Stott' – Michael Ramsden – Latimer Minster from The Times
'The challenge of lay ministry: the message of John Stott’s memorial service' – Chris Sugden – CEN
'Hundreds bid farewell to John Stott – a radical disciple' – Evangelical Alliance
A New John Stott Resource Page – Mark Meynell [let him know if you have any other links]
6. Various sermons available:
Holy Trinity, Brompton Road:
All Souls, Langham Place
St James the Less, Pimlico
Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham Alabama
'The Baptism of Jesus 2012' – Bishop Mark Lawrence
Bishop Mouneer Anis' Christmas Eve Sermon:
'The Pursuit of Joy' – Michael Ramsden – HTB media
'Why do I need God' – Michael Ramsden – HTB media
7. 'Could You Forgive Your Brother’s Killer? Rebuilding Post-Genocide Rwanda' – Bishop John Rucyahana – Veritas Forum [note: frank testimony in places]
8. 'A Fresh Start: John 1:1-14' – William Taylor – Christians in the City
'Welcome' to Christians in the City – a ministry of St Helen's, Bishopsgate to those working in the City of London
9. General prayer resources [Please pray for relief of famine in the horn of Africa and for the persecuted church worldwide, in particular for Nigeria, Somalia, Tanzania, Sudan, Egypt, India and China and and remember Pastor Nadarkhani inprisoned in Iran and the diocese of South Carolina as it holds the Mere Anglican conference this week. Please also pray for preparations for the CofE General Synod , for the Business Committee and its chair, Archdeacon Julian Henderson, and for those reading, praying and preparing themselves to attend]:
Topical Prayers – Church of England
Prayer for the persecuted church – CofE site
Prayers and materials for the Middle East and Northern Africa – Lent and Beyond prayersite:
Prayer for People in Somalia and the Horn of Africa – CofE site
Prayer for Egypt – CofE Site
10. Latest news for prayer:
Nigeria: 'Nigeria violence: Scores dead after Kano blasts' – BBC News
Somalia: 'Somali famine: Situation 'still desperate' warns agency' – BBC – News
Tanzania: 'Zanzibar Churches Torched; Christians Harassed' – Boslife News
Sudan: 'Police Beat, Arrest Evangelist in Sudan' – Compass Direct News
Egypt: 'Egypt's Islamist parties win elections to parliament' – BBC News
Indian Kashmir: 'Sharia Court convicts Anglican priest of blasphemy for baptizing Muslims' – CEN
China: 'Lawyer Gao Zhisheng given three-year prison sentence' – CSW
'Discipling the Dragon: Christian Publishing Finds Success in China' – Christianity Today
England: Church of England General Synod 6-10 February 2012
11. Sunday Program – current affairs with Edward Stourton – BBC Radio 4 – available from 07:10 am BST Sunday
12. Food for thought:
'Global Christianity: A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World's Christian Population' – The Pew Forum
'Provisional Attendance Figures' 2010 – Church of England
'Trust is Risky' – James Mercer – Fulcrum
'Anglican Church Embraces Working Relationship with Church of England' – ACNA
'New Wine and CVM hope to reverse exodus of men from church' – Christianity Today
13. On the Net: 'Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus' – Jefferson Bethke – a video which has gone viral
'The Business of Religion vs. Jesus – Glen Stanton – Christianity Today – one of many articles discussing it
'Can You Come to Jesus Without Church?' – Jonathan Fitzgerald – Wall Street Journal
'Does Jesus Hate Religion? Kinda, Sorta, Not Really' – Kevin de Young – Gospel Coalition
'Sexual Healing' – Jefferson Bethke – another edgy video

14. 'The 2012 Challenge'' – During Olympic Year, the Diocese of London is launching an initiative to train, mentor and encourage young people between 13 and 35 as evangelists:
Introduction from the Bishop of London
Tim Hughes and Peter Grieg from HTB with details of the commissioning service on 24th April:
Rico Tice of All Souls, Langham Place on their first event:
Church events for the 2012, booking form, and daily discipleship resources:
15. Final thought: Christlikeness in the 21st Century – Nicky Gumbel – Langham Partnership
16. 'Happy New Year: Being There' – Field Productions Vimeo – Music by J Sigsworth [click on 'HD' for a lower resolution version if problems loading]
17. 'You're the Light' – Ben Cantelon – Kingsway Music

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