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for orthodox Anglicans

Sunday worship from the UK and elsewhere

1. The bells of St Bartholomew's Church, Sutton-Cum-Lound in Nottinghamshire – BBC Radio 4 – available from 5:43am BST Sunday
2. Choral Evensong from Durham Cathedral recorded on the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul on Wednesday – BBC Radio 3 – available now for a week
Introit: Happy and blest are they (Mendelssohn)
Responses: Ayleward
Office Hymn: We sing the glorious conquest (King's Lynn)
Psalm: 119, vv41-64 (Turle)
First Lesson: Isaiah 56vv1-8
Canticles: The St Hild Service (Richard Lloyd)
Second Lesson: Colossians 1v24-2v7
Anthems: How lovely are the messengers (Mendelssohn)
See what love hath the Father (Mendelssohn)
Hymn: Disposer supreme (Old 104th)
Organ Voluntary: Allegro maestoso from Sonata in D, Opus 65 No 5 (Mendelssohn)
3. An Epiphany Carol Service from St John's College, Cambridge
4. Sunday Worship: 'Speak Up, Speak Out' for Holocaust Memorial season comes from The Lighthouse Christian Centre, Salford – BBC Radio 4 – available from 8:10 am BST Sunday
5. Choral services from the chapel of St John's College, Cambridge
and New College, Oxford:
6. Various sermons available:
Holy Trinity, Brompton Road:
All Souls, Langham Place
St James the Less, Pimlico
Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham Alabama
'Knowing Jesus the Disciple Maker' – Bishop Ken Clarke of Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh – St Andrew's Singapore
7. 'The Challenge of St Paul for Tomorrow's World' – Bishop Tom Wright – Fuller Theological Seminary lecture – audio
8. Bishop Tim Dudley-Smith preaching at the St Paul's thanksgiving service for John Stott
"Do you remember John’s famous sermon, borrowing from Martin Luther King, at the opening in 1975 of the re-developed All Souls? “I have a dream”, he said, of a church which is biblical, loyal in every particular to the revelation of God in Scripture which is a worshipping church, a caring church, and a serving church, one whose members obey Christ’s command to permeate secular society as the salt of the earth, the light of the world, whose people share the good news of Jesus with their friends, a church which has a global vision, and an expectant church, faithful and active because it is looking for its Lord to return."
also Chris Wright of Langham Partnership and Mark Greene of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity
Final prayers and blessing – Archbishop of York, Bishop of London and Archbishop of Canterbury
All videos and texts including the tributes in Parts 1 and 2 are available here:
'78-year-old Christian Leader Renews His Commitment to Christ' – Christianity Today
9. Mere Anglicanism Conference: 'The Once and Future Church' – watch the main talks:
"Anglicanism in Full Flower: The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries" – Dr. Richard Turnbull, Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford
'Missionary Visionary: Bishop Henry Compton' – Dr. Richard Chartres, Bishop of London
'Anglicanism on Fire in South Carolina: The Great Beaufort Revival of 1831' – Dr. John McCardell, Vice-Chancellor of The University of the South at Sewanee
'Amnesia and Anamnesis: How we lost our way' – Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali
'A More Excellent Way: Shaping the Future of Anglicanism' – Bishop Mark Lawrence of South Carolina
'Recovering the Christian Mind: Educating the Anglican Ministry Today' – Dr, Justyn Terry, Dean of Trinity School for Ministry
A report and some photographs
10. 'Recovering a Dynamic Anglican Missiology' – Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi of Jos, Nigeria – final lecture from Mere Anglicanism

11. General prayer resources [Please pray for relief of famine in the horn of Africa, the beginnings of famine in West Africa, and for the persecuted church worldwide, in particular for North Korea, Nigeria, Egypt, India and Burma and remember Pastor Nadarkhani inprisoned in Iran and the dioceses of South Carolina and Singapore. At the end of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity please pray for unity both between churches remembering the CofE General Synod to be held in London this week, for the Business Committee and its chair, Archdeacon Julian Henderson, for the officers and staff of Synod and for those attending]:
Topical Prayers – Church of England
Prayer for the persecuted church – CofE site
Prayers and materials for the Middle East and Northern Africa – Lent and Beyond prayersite:
Prayer for People in Somalia and the Horn of Africa – CofE site
Prayer for Egypt – CofE Site
12. Latest news for prayer:
England: Church of England General Synod 6-10 February 2012
North Korea: 'Cry Freedom' – CSW
Nigeria: 'Islamist group is targeting Christians, says Welby' – Church Times
Zimbabwe: 'Harare bishop arrested for holding confirmation service' – CEN
West Africa: 'Urgent action needed to avoid famine in W. Africa' -Church Times
'African Union opens new $200m HQ' – BBC
Burma: 'Flickers of Hope for Some of the World's Longest Running Persecuted' – Christianity Today
Singapore: 'St Andrew's Cathedral celebrates 150 years' – Straits Times
13. Sunday Program – current affairs with Edward Stourton – BBC Radio 4 – available from 07:10 am BST Sunday
14. Food for thought:
'Moving on with GraceSpace' – Bishop Graham Cray – CEN
'Faith, Words and Action' – Mark Russell – CEN
'Why Young Men Aren’t Manning Up' – Christianity Today
'Looking for Jesus in All the Wrong Places' – Mark Galli – Christianity Today
'What Is Christian Mysticism?' – Fr Dale Matson
'London 2012: Isles of Wonder theme for Olympic ceremony' – BBC
15. 'O Church Arise' – Stuart Townend – Kingsway Music
16. 'Yosemite HD' – Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty – Music: 'Outro' by M83 [click 'HD' for a lower resolution version if slow loading and watch in full screen]

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