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Gay marriage: It’s not that simple, Tim

From The Commentator

Tim Montgomerie has come out in favour of same-sex marriage. In an open and frank riposte, Peter Smith argues that it is legitimate for conservatives to beg to differ

It is easy to agree wholeheartedly with Tim Montgomerie, the well-known Conservative commentator who gave life to ConservativeHome. Tim has an established pedigree as a thoughtful and eloquent social and economic conservative. He was instrumental in the creation of the Centre for Social Justice and has been a steady supporter of Iain Duncan Smith, with whom he has worked closely for many years. Tim was also a co-founder of the Conservative Christian Fellowship and has long been a flag-waiver for intelligent, compassionate conservatism.

In a short recent article on ConHome, Tim recently set out his conservative case for gay marriage (prompted by a newspaper interview), as part of his welcome drive for the Conservative Party to debate policy matters in an open and frank way.
Tim starts from the position that family, work and education are the essential ingredients of the conservative vision of society, and, subsequently, are spheres of life the state can legitimately promote and foster. He also identifies marriage as a crucial social institution for each of these frameworks.
Marriage is certainly a fundamental and highly-beneficial part of human life: for instance, it brings stability to child-rearing, and thus leads to better mental health and life outcomes for children. It is beneficial to adult mental and physical health too, and reduces the risk of domestic violence and abuse.
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