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Gay Marriage – Gay Myth 1

This is the text of Part 1 of a series of leaflets handed out at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham

‘People are born gay’


The Human Genome study did not find a gay gene. ‘Twin’ studies indicate early life experiences are a major cause of homosexuality.

In 1991, Bailey and Pillard claimed if one male identical twin was gay there was a 52% chance theother would be too, but later work showed it’s only about 11%.  A 2006 study of two million Danes(1) states, ‘childhood family experiences are important determinants’ of the sex of the future spouse.

Leading researcher, EO Laumann (2), says the notion that homosexuality is analogous to certain ‘genetically or biologically based traits such as left-handedness’ is ‘exactly what we do not find’.

(1) ‘Childhood Correlates of Heterosexual and Homosexual Marriages: A National Cohort Study of Two Million Danes’, M Frisch, A Hviid,Archives of Sexual Behaviour 35:5, Oct 2006, pp 533-547.

(2) The Social Organization of Sexuality, University of Chicago Press,1994, p 307. Also, ‘Every time a "cause" is discovered – "gay brain","gay gene" and so on – the project collapses,’Prof A Samuels, former Chair UKCP, Letter toThe Independent, 5 February 2010

Research by VfJUK and CORE

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