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Gay Marriage – Gay Myth 2

This is the text of Part 2 of a series of leaflets handed out at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham

‘Once gay always gay’


Psychologist Lisa Diamond (1) tracked a group of non-heterosexual women over a decade and found their sexual orientation changed. ‘All women reported declines in their ratio of same-sex to other-sex behavior over time’.

More than half of those who experience same-sex attraction at age 16 no longer do so at age 17. (2)

Eminent researchers, Jones and Yarhouse (3), state their findings ‘would appear to contradict the commonly expressed view of the mental health establishment that sexual orientation is not changeable and that the attempt to change is highly likely to produce harm for those who makesuch an attempt.’

There are no comparable studies proving homosexuality is genetically fixed.

(1) Developmental Psychology Copyright 2008 by the AmericanPsychological Association 2008, Vol. 44, No. 1, 5–14. Diamond’sresearch indicates that sexual orientation is not genetically fixed.

(2) Prevalence and Stability of Sexual Orientation ComponentsDuring Adolescence and Young Adulthood, Savin-Williamsand Ream (2007)


Research by VfJUK and CORE

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