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Sunday Worship from the UK and elsewhere

1.The bells of St Mary Magdalene, Chewton Mendip, Somerset.- BBC Radio 4

2. Sunday Worship from the church of St Peter de Merton and St Cuthbert in Bedford on Prisons Sunday – BBC Radio 4

Prisons Week 18 – 24 November Video
3. Choral Evensong from Ripon Cathedral – BBC Radio 3


4. Choral services from the chapel of St John's College, Cambridge

and New College, Oxford

5. Various sermons available
All Souls, Langham Place
their 3,500 sermon searchable archive
St James the Less, Pimlico
Cathedral Church of the Advent, Birmingham Alabama

6. Bible Study – Dr Kendall Harmon – Christ St Pauls vimeo
7. Who is like God? – Michael Sadgrove, Dean of Durham
8. The Past, Future, and Present Grace of God's Mission – Dr Chris Wright, Langham Partnership – TSM Audio [Exodus 19:4-6]
9. Introduction to Intercessory Prayer – Bishop John Guernsey – Audio
more materials and talks from this workshop
10. General Prayer Resources – Topical Prayers – Church of England
Prayer for the persecuted church – Church of England
Prayers for the Middle East and Northern Africa – Lent and Beyond
Prayer for Egypt – Lent and Beyond
Prayer for those affected by Hurricane Sandy – Christian Today
11. News for Prayer: Please pray for those in or working in prisons and their families, the situation in the Middle East and Israel, the persecuted church particularly in Iran and Pastor Benham Irani in danger in prison from serious internal bleeding and mistreatment, Nigeria, Pakistan, for those seeking to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Sandy, for the diocese of South Carolina which had its important convention today following dissociation triggered by the Presiding Bishop's attacks on the diocese and its bishop and for the CofE General Synod meeting this week
Middle East: Gaza crisis: Fresh fire exchanged as violence continues – BBC
Iran: Pastor Irani will not survive another 5 years in prison – CSW
Nigeria: 5 members of one family killed in attack on Kaduna – CSW
Nigerian ACC members call on Anglican Communion to pray, fast, act to end violence against Christians – All Africa
Pakistan: Bp Samuel Azariah on Pakistan's blasphemy laws – ACO Youtube
Turkey: One of World's Oldest Monasteries May Lose Land Used for 1,600 Years – Christian Today
South Carolina: Canopy of Praise – Lent and Beyond
Diocese of South Carolina Turns the Page; Looks Forward
Bishop Lawrence's Address to Special Diocesan Convention
Links to more news as it arises
General Synod 19-21 November
12. Sunday Program – current affairs with Edward Stourton – BBC Radio 4

13. Food for thought
The Enthusiasm And Joy Of Children – Archbishop John Sentamu
Following the missionary Spirit – Bishop Graham Cray – CEN
Adrian Smith – a victory for common sense – EA
Charitable status of churches put at risk – Christian Today
Church Leaders Are Reshaping Ministry for 1 Million Returning Vets – RNS – Christianity Today
The Danger of Christianese – Nicole Unice – Christianity Today
14. What difference does believing Jesus rose from the dead make?

15. Abide with Me – St Macartin's Cathedral Enniskillin on Remembrance Sunday – BBC

16. Will you be ready? – Bryn Howarth












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