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The women bishops vote is not a feminist issue

Lisa Nolland

In my view this measure is NOT about feminism or women’s rights or equality etc. I strongly support many feminist concerns. NO one is wanting to turn the clock back and tie women to the kitchen sink by their apron strings in order to service and support the needs of the important sex, i.e. men. That is complete and utter nonsense! Women are called to all sorts of vital work in the public as well as the private realms. We bless and support them in these critical callings. I am part of groups led by women and they do a great job. So, to reiterate, in my view this is NOT a feminist issue!

This IS about the new default position which demands all affirm and operate according to a certain form of second/third-wave feminist rhetoric which has taken control of and become an integral part of the reigning ‘orthodoxy’ in churches like TEC. We have just seen how PB Schori handles dissent in the TEC: the latest horror story from the US is about the brutal deposition of Bishop Mark Lawrence because he has publicly challenged TEC’s post-orthodox views. These views depart from Scripture and its historic beliefs about good and evil, sin and salvation, people and God, and instead focus on ‘justice’ issues of radical second/third-wave feminism, LGBT rights etc. If Tuesday’s vote goes ‘feminist’, I fear it will embed and institutionalise this new paradigmatic shift whereby over time, sincerely-held views which have been and are still historically held by millions of Christians around the globe will be increasingly seen and experienced as bigoted, retrograde and toxic. Even now this is beginning to happen.

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