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Church of England General Synod: women bishop vote in balance as row looms

From The Telegraph

More than 1,000 influential Church of England members have urged a vote in favour of women bishops ahead of this week's General Synod.

The group, including bishops, clergy and senior laity, have signed an open letter backing what would be a historic move at the meeting in London.

In their letter, the group argues: ''Just as the Churches have repented of our historic anti-Semitism and endorsement of slavery, so we believe that we must now show clearly that we no longer believe women to be inferior to men.''

The letter, published in The Independent today, was backed by hundreds of church leaders, including five Bishops, ordinary members of the clergy and senior lay figures.

The Church's national assembly will begin a key three-day meeting today where members will be asked to give final approval to legislation introducing women bishops.

The 470-strong body, meeting in Church House, London, will vote tomorrow on whether to allow the legislation to clear its final hurdle before going to the Houses of Parliament for approval.

The decision is billed as the biggest the General Synod has taken in the 20 years since it first backed the introduction of women priests.

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