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Church of England unveils new development for Anglican clergy not yet in Communion

In General Synod today, the Bishop of Guildford announced in response to a question a new development for Anglican clergy in churches not in communion with the Church of England.

In reply to a question from Prudence Dailey (Oxford) who asked "Has consideration been given to whether the Church of England is in full and unimpaired communion with Bishop Mark Lawrence and the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina". the Chairman of the Council for Christian Unity replied that: " Clergy ordained in several churches with which we are not yet in communion, are seeking permission to minister in the Church of England. The CCU has therefore established a small group to offer advice to the Archbishops through the Faith and Order Commission on the issues. The questions about ACNA's orders (whether it is a church and whether its orders are such that we can recognise.) will be addressed in that context. This will necessarily involve the direct 'engagement with ACNA' which the Archbishops envisaged in GS Misc 1011, and which will create the context for subsequent exploration of the relations between our churches.

On Saturday a Special Diocesan Convention endorsed the South Carolina withdrawal from The Episcopal Church. Bishop Lawrence said "For now and the forseeable future, having withdrawn from our association with the Episcopal Church, we remain an extra-provincial Diocese within the larger Anglican Communion.' It has not yet been possible to consider the consequences for our relationships" ENDS

The Bishop of Guildford, Christopher Hill, later underlined in discussion that in his reply he had unveiled this new development of the establishment of this group to address ACNA's orders.

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