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British Youth Parliament rejects campaigning for gay marriage

From The Christian Institute

The British Youth Parliament has rejected campaigning for same-sex marriage, after it came bottom in a vote of priorities for 2013.

The issue received just 22 votes, whereas the most popular campaign, a curriculum to prepare young people for real life, got 154 votes.

Each year, 11 to 18-year-olds from each part of the UK debate priorities for the coming year in a special session in the House of Commons.

George Poole, an 18-year-old openly homosexual MYP (Member of the Youth Parliament) for Cornwall, said that whilst same-sex marriage is an issue “close to home” for him, he needed to “think of the young people who won’t benefit from this policy”.

And Jack Lewis, a 15-year-old MYP for Richmond-Upon-Thames, said there are more important issues to be campaigning about, such as youth unemployment.

Many have argued that the Government is prioritising same-sex marriage when issues such as the economy are more pressing.

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