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Church failed to respect its minority voices

By Martin Dales, Yorkshire Post

The General Synod of the Church of England has, unusually, been making the headlines following its vote which rejected a legislative package designed to allow women to become bishops.

The reason that train crash occurred was because of the failure by those who wanted this to happen in not ‘hearing’ the voice of those who needed a continuation of the 20 year old Act of Synod.

The Act provides for people who hold to the traditional beliefs of the Church, which have been practised since the time of Christ, and enables them to be pastorally and spiritually cared for by male clergy and bishops.

If the vote had gone through, that provision would have disappeared and a sizeable minority of the Church of England would have been left with no assurance as to a future in our national church.

A promise would have been broken.

Over the last few years in the lead up to what was meant to be the Final Vote, there were many attempts both in committee and on the floor of the Synod to suggest ways for there to be both women bishops and continued provision for those who for theological reasons cannot accept the ministry of women.

Time and time again the proponents of this innovation voted these down.

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