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A child to make royal history

By Robert Hardman, Mailonline

The first addition to a new line of succession which will govern the Crown for evermore

While the world – and especially the bookies – enjoy the traditional speculation over the sex and name of any impending royal arrival, the future third in line to the throne has already made royal and constitutional history.

For he or she will be the first addition to the new-look, non-sexist line of succession which will govern the Crown for evermore.

In short, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first-born will trump all subsequent siblings, even if she is a princess who is followed by a string of younger brothers.
Last year, David Cameron decided that the time had come to tackle the status quo and change the rules of succession.

It was never going to be straightforward. For any change could even lead to meddling with such fundamental constitutional humdingers as the Act of Union.

And that is not the only reason that Mr Cameron’s predecessors have flinched from doing anything about this.

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