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Tories can sort out their UKIP problem (by abandoning gay marriage and offering an EU Referendum)

By Ann Widdecombe, Daily Express

[...]  What the Conservative Party now needs is to re-appeal to its followers who are dashing off to Ukip and to undermine Ukip’s unique selling point which is its position on Europe. So Cameron should stop trying to win over his enemies by selling out his friends. Gay marriage is the obvious example: he won’t win Labour or Lib Dem supporters because their parties also support the move.
Of course it would be the height of irresponsibility to arrange a referendum on leaving the EU when the PM cannot tell the country what he would put in its place. But why not do the work on what we would put in its place?

But he is losing on an almost daily basis his own flock who are straying to Ukip because it does not support it or staying at home because they can’t bring themselves to vote for the man who is championing the redefinition of marriage.

He is only too right, however, to look beyond his core vote but in doing so he should not assume that it is only Conservatives who believe immigration is out of control and that Europe is too powerful. There are some issues on which he could appeal to a very broad spectrum.

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