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Muslim Council has ‘more of a voice’ than Archbishop of Canterbury

by Andrew Gilligan, Telegraph

The Muslim Council of Britain has a more prominent role in public debate than the Archbishop of Canterbury, according to a study.

The decline of the Anglican Church as the country’s main religious voice is confirmed by findings from the Henry Jackson Society.

The study, which monitored statements by religious groups and media coverage of religion over the past decade, also found that the Roman Catholic Church had a more prominent role in public debate about religious issues than the Church of England.

Catholics focused heavily on pro-life issues and personal morality. Statements made by the C of E, in contrast, were more likely to be about overseas aid, foreign policy and poverty.

The findings come after figures from the 2011 census showed a 13 percentage-point drop in people identifying themselves as Christian, from 72 to 59 per cent.

About one in four was identified as having no religion, a rise of nine per cent and the second largest group. Yet despite the decline in Christian belief, the number of religious statements — across all faiths – increased as religions became more assertive.

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