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Canada: teacher shows drag queen video to kids aged 9-10

From The Christian Institute

School children aged nine to ten in Canada have been shown a sexually-charged video of bikini-clad drag queens as part of a class on “transgender issues”.

Furious parents have complained to the school and the teacher, Joe Winkler, has been suspended while authorities carry out an investigation.

Mr Winkler, who is gay, said: “When I found the video, I thought it would be an excellent way of introducing the children to transgender issues.”
He insists there is no sexual content in the video but one parent, Al Smith, said: “At the end, the guy’s peeling the banana, acting very sexually with the banana.”

Mr Smith added: “When I was at the school this morning there were parents pulling their kids out of class, which to me is a pretty clear sign that you’ve offended some people.”

Canada redefined marriage to allow same-sex marriage in 2005. Since then there have been a number of controversies over how the issue is handled in schools.

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