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Now Church attacks plan to change laws of succession

By Steve Doughty, Mailonline

The Church of England yesterday expressed deep concerns over David Cameron’s plans to overturn centuries-old laws that govern succession to the throne.

Senior bishops share the worries of the Prince of Wales that legislation to give princesses equal rights to princes in line of succession is rushed, risky, and could lead to unintended constitutional crises.

Concern in the Church centres on the Prime Minister’s plan to remove the 312-year-old ban on members of the Royal Family from marrying Roman Catholics.
Even though the Coalition’s Bill stipulates that the monarch must be Anglican, a Roman Catholic married to the monarch or an heir to the throne must, if they follow the doctrines of their church, bring his or her children up as Catholics.

That raises the prospect that an heir to the throne would be raised as a Catholic.

Leading clergy believe the planned changes will bring confusion and complication to the historic rule that the King or Queen must be a member of the Church of England in order to become its Supreme Governor on taking the throne.

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