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Succession to the Crown Bill: La Reine (ou le Prince) le veult?

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[...]  Whether or not there is any truth in any of the press reports we shall never know, because no official would ever comment on such an allegation – whether to confirm or deny it. But it does look as if it has the all the makings of another major row. We haven’t forgotten the Blair Government deciding summarily to abolish the position of Lord Chancellor without first consulting the House of Lords – and the reaction of the then Clerk of the Parliaments, who asked very politely, through gritted teeth, who would then be Speaker of the Lords?

When the Government published its proposals for same-sex marriage the Church of England and the Church in Wales both complained that they had not been informed of the important detail of the provisions: some (but certainly not the co-writers of this blog) doubted the veracity of their claims. When the Government published its proposals for the Succession to the Crown Bill reports in the media suggested that the Queen had not been informed of the decision to legislate until very soon before the Bill was published and that her son and grandson appeared not to have been consulted at all. As Lady Bracknell might have said:
“To fail to consult once may be regarded as a misfortune; to fail twice looks like carelessness.”
That said, the last time a Monarch uttered the fateful words “La Reine s’avisera” (ie “No”) it was Queen Anne in 1707.
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