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Tory MP slams BBC over assisted suicide comedy

Mark Pritchard MPFrom The Christian Institute

A Tory MP has attacked the BBC for treating assisted suicide as a “matter of fun” in a new sitcom due to air this month.

The controversial BBC Three comedy “Way to Go” is about three young men who start a business by building a machine that can kill people who have a terminal disease.

Conservative MP Mark Pritchard criticised the broadcaster, saying: “This is a sensitive and complex issue that should be handled with compassion and understanding.”
He added: “It is a sad fact that assisted dying is now regarded a ‘revenue stream’ to some foreign clinics and clearly as a matter of fun by some parts of the BBC.”

In one scene in the show, someone dies in a matter of seconds after the lever of the machine is pulled to inject a fatal dose.

And when another “client” is found for the service, one character says: “He’s got stomach cancer. How fantastic is that!”

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