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Gendercide proves that abortion can be turned into a weapon against women

By Cristina Odone, Telegraph

I learned my lesson the hard way: when I called for a review of the deadline for abortion from 24 weeks to 21 on Question Time last October, I came in for some vicious attacks from pro-choice campaigners. Abortion, they maintain, is a woman's right – always. This is a sacred pillar of our social order. Only women-haters could ever question our right to termination.
But here's a challenge to this philosophy: as The Daily Telegraph shockingly reveals, sex selection through abortion is going on in Britain now. The Government has admitted that immigrant parents are aborting female foetuses: how else can they explain the fact that birth rates for girls and boys vary noticeably according to where their mothers were born?
I've written before about this practice: it is so common in India and China that we are talking about millions of baby girls being killed in the womb. Here in Britain, we don't as yet know the exact numbers, but the Telegraph's investigations last year showed that the practice is increasingly common.
This puts the pro-choice campaign on the defensive: they argue abortion is a woman's right, always; but can they continue to do so when it is used to kill girls?
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