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No, Cameron isn’t Henry VIII. None the less, imagine: your church has a hall in which wedding receptions are held…

by Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

I think that priests in the Church of which I'm a member are going a bit far in comparing David Cameron to Henry VIII. That sort of language is better confined to the wilder spirits on ConservativeHome threads. But their Daily Telegraph letter today reminded me of a question put to an MP friend of mine at a surgery – and one that isn't Catholic-specific.
A delegation from a local Church told my friend that it has a church hall which is available for wedding receptions. If same-sex marriage passes into law, it has three options. First, to open it for receptions to same-sex couples, despite the beliefs of their Church. Second, not to do so, and risk a lawsuit. Third, to stop making it available altogether. What should they do?
My friend was stumped, as well he might be. David Cameron is about to propose a measure which he was under no public pressure to introduce, which hasn't been properly thought through, and which will gain him no demonstrable benefit. Which helps to explain why I oppose the same-sex marriage bill, which will cause the Conservative Party difficulties that are only just beginning…
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