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Civil partnerships: Church ‘must prioritise blessings’

From BBC News

AM comment:  Lord Harries sees the current requirement for celibacy within Civil Partnerships as an 'interim stage' and hopes that the Church will warmly welcome CPs and provide a proper liturgy of blessing for them.

The former Bishop of Oxford, Lord Harries of Pentregarth, says the Church in Wales and the Church of England should prioritise blessings for civil partnerships.

Lord Harries told Vaughan Roderick on BBC Wales' Sunday Supplement programme they should be welcomed warmly and not through "gritted teeth".

He nominated Dr Jeffrey John, from Tonyrefail, for the position of Bishop of Reading in 2003.

Dr John has been at the centre of the row over gay bishops, having twice been put forward for the role in the Church of England.

Video here

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