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MP Jacob Rees-Mogg can’t stop succession law shake-up

From This is Somerset

West Country MP Jacob Rees-Mogg launched a scathing attack yesterday on new laws to modernise the rules of succession.

The North East Somerset Tory told the House of Commons that major constitutional changes were being rushed through the House with just two days for debate.

[...]  Mr Rees-Mogg said the Bill was being “treated as if it was terrorism legislation” and it was an “insult to the nation and to our sovereign and indeed to Parliament”. He said: “We need time to consider constitutional issues properly because they have complex knock-on effects and their phraseology is crucial to how the Crown might pass in future, and if mistakes are made now we could discover that we end up with consequences that we do not want. What is being proposed is that a Catholic may marry an heir to the throne, but may not then maintain the succession by bringing up a child of that marriage as a Catholic. Now the reason I object to this is that it is an attack on the teaching of the Catholic Church.”

The Prince of Wales has reportedly expressed concerns about the Bill and his friend, Tory MP Nicholas Soames, warned of the “unwanted, unintended consequences that often flow from tinkering with legislation of this type and could damage the crucial relationship between Church and State, as well as peerage law and quite possibly interfere with accepted conventions and laws reaching back down the times”.

Mr Soames said the Government was acting “out of consideration… of political correctness on one hand and the European Convention on Human Rights on the other.”

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