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Catholic church warns ‘non-chaste’ school heads could be sacked

By John Bingham, Telegraph

HEAD TEACHERS and governors in Roman Catholic schools could be disciplined or even sacked for living with their partner outside marriage, according to new Church guidelines.

Anyone deemed to be in a “non-chaste” relationship outside marriage, which could also be interpreted to include gay staff in civil partnerships, could be subject to investigation and removed from their posts, it says.

Even those who had married in a non-Catholic church or a register office without official approval might also find their position under question.

The warning comes in a booklet by written by Monsignor Marcus Stock, general secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ conference of England and Wales and co-published by the Catholic Education Service.

It argues that any “substantive life choice” which went against Catholic teaching could be incompatible with their work.

The booklet lists divorcees who remarry; those who marrying outside a Catholic church without canonical approval or those in openly “unchaste” relationships alongside those who had committed “apostasy” – or renouncing faith.

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