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David Cameron’s wife Samantha is the ‘driving force’ behind gay marriage

By Tim Walker, Telegraph

Mandrake reported on Friday that David Cameron’s mother, Mary, had been asked why the Prime Minister was pressing ahead with plans to change the law in favour of same-sex marriage when it was alienating so many of the Conservative Party’s natural supporters.

“I know, but David just won’t be told,” the retired Justice of the Peace replied.
The answer may be close to hand: a cabinet minister points to Samantha Cameron’s influence on her husband. “Samantha is the driving force behind the policy,” claims the minister.
The baronet’s daughter, who is a creative consultant at Smythson, the Mayfair luxury goods firm, is known to have socially liberal views. She once expressed her horror at the socially conservative views expressed by American Republicans such as Sarah Palin.
Ministers have joked in the past that Samantha is such a strong influence on her husband that she “will have a more liberalising impact on Cameron than Nick Clegg”.

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