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France’s Chief Rabbi: what has been forgotten in the debate on gay marriage

From Catholic Voices

Many people see in gay marriage simply the next stage in the democratic struggle against injustice and discrimination. I believe, on the other hand, that we need a debate about what is really at stake in this proposal – the denial of sexual difference, and the damaging impact of legalising same-sex parenting, surrogacy and adoption. What matters here is not homosexuality – which is a fact – but the irreversible risk of destroying genealogies, identities and rights (making the child an object, rather than a subject), and so undermining the common good and the public interest, for the sake of a tiny minority.

‘Equal marriage’ is an empty slogan

The idea that marriage should be made available to all who love each other is unsustainable. Loving a person does not give you the right to marry them: a man cannot marry a woman who is already married; a woman who loves two men cannot marry them both. We cannot, in the name of equality, allow to marry to all those who love each other; ‘marriage for all’ (‘equal marriage’) is therefore merely a slogan. The legalisation of same-sex marriage would continue to ‘discriminate’ against all those people who love each other but who are not allowed to marry.

The slogan ‘marriage for all’ (‘equal marriage’) conceals the fact that what is being proposed is a radical new vision of marriage to replace the existing one.

In the traditional, conjugal understanding of marriage, with which most people would agree, marriage is not simply the recognition of love; it is an institution which binds the union of a man and woman to the succeeding generations.

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