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Sexual liberation + economic liberalism = pornification

Diane Abbott MPBy Ed West, Telegraph

Of all the phrases that are going to become overused and tiresome in 2013, I’m putting my money on “pornified culture”. I’m already bored of it, and I generally agree with the claims made by Diane Abbott that there's a “striptease culture in British schools and society, which has been put beyond the control of British families”.
Abbott has, much to the confusion of many people, started talking like the small-c conservative she was always destined to become.
At a meeting of the Fabian Women's Network last week she said: "For so long, it's been argued that overt, public displays of sexuality are an enlightened liberation.
"But I believe that for many, the pressure of conforming to hypersexualisation and its pitfalls is a prison. And the permanence of social media and technology can be a life sentence.”
The issue of sexualisation has been discussed by various columnists since. From the point of view of a father of a four-year-old girl, I can see it already. Watch a music channel aimed at young girls and you’ll not just see a succession of curvy, strutting, half-naked young women; the entire essence of womanhood projected is one where a lady must appear as sexually alluring as possible, the underlining theme being that any woman who doesn’t arouse the opposite sex is some sort of leper.
Many people see this and wonder how it chimes with the high-minded feminism of their youth, but are concerned about appearing prudish, which is a deeply unattractive trait to many people. Yet something clearly went wrong.
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