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Adultery could be ‘scrapped’ if gay marriage made law

From The Christian Institute

The concept of adultery could be removed from the law if the Government pushes ahead with its plans to redefine marriage, MPs and lawyers have warned.

In the controversial Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, only unfaithfulness between people of opposite genders counts as adultery.

Ayesha Vardag, a leading London divorce lawyer, said that the difference between heterosexual and homosexual marriage law could now pave the way for adultery to be abolished.
She said: “The only appropriate and balanced way to deal with this would be to scrap the act of adultery as a basis for divorce altogether,”

She added: “This might indeed be the point at which adultery dies the death in order to rectify this imbalance.”

David Burrowes MP thinks the Government has “opened up a Pandora’s box”.

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