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Gays can marry, a first-born girl can rule, but a Catholic still can’t take the throne

By Cristina Odone, Telegraph

Some things never change. This Tory-led Coalition prides itself on being modern and forward-thinking, but when it comes to ancient prejudice against Catholics, they have come no further than Henry VIII. That King passed the first Succession Act in 1534, banning his Catholic subjects from ever acceding to the throne. They were suspected of "popish" allegiance: they'd side with Rome over the Crown, no matter what.
You'd think by now such bigotry would be buried. This government after all, treats anyone who is against gay marriage as bigot. Its faith in women's equality is such, that the Crown Bill will remove any obstacles from a first-born daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge becoming Queen. (It is also making noises about forcing women into positions of influence, such as company boards.) But when Jacob Rees-Mogg, a practising Catholic Tory MP, tried to table an amendment to the Crown Bill which would remove the ban on a Catholic monarch, he was roundly defeated. How very dare he?
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