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Presiding Bishop Unwittingly Speaks the Truth

by Fr David Faulkner (Hat Tip: Barbara Gauthier)

“Most of us don’t live in a world where one person is the ultimate decider – because, over and over again, we’ve discovered that better decisions are made when they’re made in communities with appropriate checks and balances. Power assumed by one authority figure alone is often a recipe for abuse, tyranny and corruption.
-Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori, speaking to the continuing Episcopalians in the State of South Carolina, Jan 26th, 2013 (ENS Article , emphasis mine)
I find myself in unfamiliar territory today: I agree with the Presiding Bishop…at least on the above quote. While railing against Bishop Lawrence of the departed Diocese of South Carolina, she unwittingly criticized him for alleged behavior that is far more characteristic of her behavior as the Presiding Bishop. Does she really not see the irony dripping off the above quote!? Perhaps the plank in her eye is obscuring her vision.
To compare the mentality of a brother bishop to school shooters (see here), or to call him and presumably those close to him "petty deciders or wolves who masquerade as sheep" is incredibly inappropriate for any Christian, not to mention bizarre. I truly have never before heard or read such a spiteful and hate-fueled speech on either side of our present unpleasantness. This type of hateful and over the top language is even worse coming from a leader who claims to speak for the "national Church" and all Episcopalians. Let me be clear: I am an Episcopal priest and the Presiding Bishop does not speak for me. I have no delusion that I share in any ownership of anything outside of my parish and my diocese. The idea that one person, even if one agrees with the present incumbent, can speak for all Episcopalians is sheer lunacy.
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