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Richard Dawkins v Rowan Williams round two

Richard DawkinsBy Hayley Dixon, Telegraph

The world’s most famous atheist Richard Dawkins will tonight go head-to-head with the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to debate the role of religion in modern society.

The discussions, hosted by the Cambridge Union Society, will be the second bout between the respected intellectuals who will consider whether "religion has no place in the 21st Century".

The pair met in public discussion about the origins of life at Oxford University last year. It was televised and captured attention around the world.

Ben Kentish, president of the union, believes that tonight will be a highlight of the debating society's 200-year history.

"Our speakers are the most renowned commentators on this subject,” he said.

"The prospect of seeing Professor Dawkins and the former Archbishop of Canterbury debate the subject is particularly exciting for our members."

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