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Therapist goes head-to-head with Peter Tatchell in sexual re-orientation debate

From Christian Concern

In a packed committee room in the Houses of Parliament, four leading figures engaged in a lively debate on therapy for those with unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction.

The debate happened two days before a professional conduct inquiry into a complaint against Dr Mike Davidson, a therapist who advocates therapy for people with unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction.

Dr Davidson took part in the debate on the legitimacy and freedom to offer the therapy, along with Peter Tatchell, Professor Michael King and Dr Joseph Berger.

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said that the motivation behind the therapy was homophobic rather than scientific.

Prof King, Director of Mental Health Sciences Unit, University College London, also expressed strong objections against therapy dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction. He argued that it was based on “moral outrage,” not science.

Both men cited research apparently demonstrating the innate nature of homosexuality.

But Dr Berger, Consultant Psychiatrist and practitioner of the therapy, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Canada, opposed the view that sexual orientation is innate. He stated that it is a concept, not a biological phenomenon, arguing that there is no physical location for it in the brain.

Rejecting the misconception that therapists treating people for unwanted same-sex attraction see homosexuality as a disease, Dr Berger stated: “I treat people, not homosexuality”.

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