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Survival of twins born at 23 weeks and new Inquiry into abortion for disability reopen debate on abortion upper limits

by Peter Saunders, CMF

When twins Mackenzie and Cameron Glover were born 17 weeks prematurely on 17 June last year, they were so tiny that their mother said they could ‘fit inside a pint glass’.

Now, after a lengthy battle for life against the most astonishing odds, the boys, born at just 23 weeks and three days gestation, have become one of the most premature sets of twins ever to survive in the UK.

Their mother Pam says her miraculous boys fill her with wonder – but she is left angry and mystified that the law continues to permit the abortion of babies older than her sons were at birth.

Pam said: ‘For us now, the idea that it’s possible to abort a child up to 24 weeks – older than Cameron and Mackenzie were – just doesn’t bear thinking about.’

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