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Tragic consequences in Canadian scouting

Chad Groening, OneNewsNow

A Canadian pro-family leader says one only has to look to his country to understand the devastating consequences of allowing homosexuals to be members and leaders in the Boy Scouts.
In November 1998, under the mantra of wanting to be more "inclusive," the board of governors overseeing scouting in Canada decided to admit females, atheists, agnostics, homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals into scouting. And in 1999, Scouts Canada approved the establishment of an all-homosexual troop. As a result, scouting membership rolls in Canada — within five years — dwindled to less than half what they had been (from 300,000 to 130,000).Brian Rushfeldt, president of Canada Family Action, says Canada opted for political correctness despite definitive evidence of the negative consequences.

"They have the secret files [here in Canada] as they do have down there [in the U.S.] of guys that had abused kids that they hadn't reported," he tells OneNewsNow. "There were investigations into the abuse of boys, which really never produced anything in Canada.

"The notion that we need to protect homosexuals more than we need to protect children … has been a disturbing trend."

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