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Archbishop Justin on the virtues and vices of Mammon

From Cranmer

It's awfully difficult being Archbishop of Canterbury – His Grace knows all about it. Not only is the new one busy moving house (does one 'move palace'?), interrupted by a constant stream of people – some stimulating; others irritating – dropping in for coffee, but he decided that in addition to being a husband, father, diocesan bishop, metropolitan archbishop, Primate of All England, primus inter pares of the Worldwide Anglican Communion, Joint President of the Council of Christians and Jews, and chancellor, visitor, governor, trustee, director and patron of a plethora of academic institutions, he'd keep his job as a member of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards.

So, along with pastoring, writing, leading, visiting, teaching, preaching, governing, directing, patronising and politicking, he's still devoting a hefty chunk of his time to examining professional banking standards in the wake of the scandals of Libor-fixing and PPI-misselling.

It's good to have an Archbishop of Canterbury who's got a proper job in the real world.

The virtues and vices of banking and banks are something of a specialism for Archbishop Justin: he knows what he's talking about. So when he accuses bankers of hypocrisy for continuing to pay their staff big bonuses while insisting they're undergoing a cultural overhaul, you can bank on it being valid criticism based on true observation.

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