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‘Why didn’t PM speak in debate on gay marriage?’ Cameron criticised for just tweeting his view

By James Chapman and Gerri Peev, Mailonline

Rebel Tory MPs warned last night they still want changes to gay marriage legislation – as the Prime Minister was criticised for failing to take part in a crunch Commons debate.

 Senior figures said the shock decision by the Government’s top lawyer, Attorney General Dominic Grieve, to refuse to back the measure was being seen as a ‘green light’ to make further trouble.

 Critics are expected to table amendments on promised protections for faith groups when the legislation, passed on Tuesday night by a huge majority, reaches the House of Lords and then returns to the Commons.

 Yesterday Tim Montgomerie, editor of the unofficial party supporters’ website, ConservativeHome, criticised David Cameron for failing to take part in Tuesday’s Commons debate – instead doing a short clip for the evening news.

He said: ‘He took a principled stand on equal marriage but didn’t then fight for it. He didn’t even turn up for the debate.’

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