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‘How will my gay marriage harm your straight one?’ (1)

By Lisa Nolland

In the Government’s proposals for ‘Equal’ (?) Marriage, the categories of consummation and adultery are not applicable to SS (same sex) couples.

As the proposal stands, ‘married’ SS couples only appear able to commit adultery with someone of the opposite sex. ‘Adultery’ with someone of the same sex will have no legal status. 

However, adultery still exists and is an operant category for heterosexual married couples.

This double standard is so bizarre that legal opinion is now saying that ‘adultery’ will have to go: one cannot have totally different sets of rules for those who are ‘equally’ married. 

The concept of adultery has served a vital role in terms of boundaries, expectations and responsibilities. Sexual fidelity matters, yet Government proposals signal that in law it will not for SS marriages.

If 'equal marriage' is to be equal the legal significance of adultery will ultimately, if perhaps inadvertently, be lost for the rest of us. 

This is one way SSM damages real marriage. The rules will have been re-written for all.

This will touch not only your marriage but that of your heterosexual children and grandchildren.


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