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Atheism’s New Clothes: Exploring and Exposing the Claims of the New Atheists

From Theos

Guest contributor Leah Brumer reviews 'Atheism's New Clothes' by physicist and philosopher David H. Glass.

Over the last decade Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins critically altered the discourse surrounding the science-religion debate.
Claiming that religion is everything from evil to delusional, the New Atheists took a decidedly confrontational stance on what was before a more thoughtfully nuanced, if not mutually respectful discussion around science and religion’s perceived incompatibility. But alas, this is no longer. The hallmark of the New Atheism is a militant aggression with which the aforementioned authors argue against religion and belief in God since it is based on faith rather than evidence, and because science has now removed the need for God (p.11). To this end, religion is considered not only irrational but incredibly dangerous and would be better off eradicated from the face of the earth, as it bears the blame for much of the world’s suffering.
New Atheism has received its share of hype, probably as much for its hostile attack on deeply held personal beliefs, as for the questionable weight of its philosophical, theological and intellectual claims. And it is this point that David H. Glass takes up in his new work, Atheism’s New Clothes, providing a thoroughly engaging and comprehensive defense of Christian theism. Methodically taking the New Atheists to task on virtually each and every point they make against Christianity, Glass gives a carefully considered and philosophically superior response to what is by now the New Atheists’ fairly infamous arguments.
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