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Tory rebels may scupper gay marriage in the Lords

By Robert Watts, Telegraph

David Cameron faces another bitter battle over his plans to introduce gay marriage, with more than half of Conservative peers expected to vote against the move.

Dozens of Labour, Liberal Democrat and crossbench peers are also expected to vote against the Bill, threatening the Prime Minister’s plans for the first homosexual marriages to be held early next year.

Some Lords believe peers will table hundreds of amendments, with so-called “backwoodsmen” flocking to the Lords to “filibuster” in a bid to delay the legislation.

Details of the brewing rebellion in the Upper House emerge just days after the Commons vote on same-sex marriage. The Bill was passed but more Tory MPs voted against than in favour.

Michael Fallon, one of just 10 ministers who voted against the Bill, spells out his reasons for doing so in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph today.

The business minister suggests the move was railroaded through without a wide enough consultation. He said: “I didn’t think you could redefine something that is so central as marriage without much wider not least from those who are married and prize the status of marriage.”

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