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Cathedral announces first step in interment process

Diocese of Leicester

The first step is taken.

Leicester Cathedral is starting preparation for the interment of King Richard III. The cathedral has been working hard on initial plans and we are now announcing the first major step in the process. A date has been set – 12th March – when the Architects brief will be agreed by the Cathedral Chapter, with whom the decision about a final memorial legally lies. This brief will then be made public.

King Richard III will be interred inside the cathedral in a place of honour. There is already a lot of interest expressed about the location and about the nature and character of the lasting memorial.

There is an agreed process to make this decision and it will ensure all views are heard and considered. No proposals will be considered outside of this process.
This process will give us a design that will be appropriate for a working, public, worshipping cathedral and for all those who come in future generations to visit King Richard’s final resting place.

We will take note of any proposals made by others including those of the Richard III Society. The decision process will come to its own conclusions, and until then no agreement has been made about any proposed tomb.

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