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Education secretary challenged to be honest about gay marriage bill

Michael Goveby John Smeaton, SPUC

SPUC has challenged Education Secretary Michael Gove to be honest that teachers will be in trouble if they claim that gay marriage is not real or true or valid marriage. SPUC, which argues that the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill will undermine the pro-life institution of real (i.e. heterosexual) marriage, was responding to Mr Gove's answers this morning to the Commons committee scrutinising the bill.

Mr Gove indicated that teachers should not give "unbalanced" or "unreasonable" views or "inappropriate teaching" regarding same-sex marriage. He evaded a question on what will happen to teachers who refuse to take part in religious education (RE) or sex and relationships education (SRE) lessons unless they can follow their conscience on the issue. When asked, by Tim Loughton MP, the specific questions:

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