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The Marriage (same-sex couples) Bill legal advice

from John Bowers QC

1. I am instructed on behalf of Coalition for Marriage Limited (“C4M”), a not for profit company committed to defending the current legal definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. I am asked to provide a written legal advice regarding the impact of redefining marriage on what would be taught in schools. In this regard, I have been provided with the following documents in order to inform my advice:

(i) The Government’s ‘Myth Buster’ document issued alongside the Bill on 25 January 2013;
(ii) Transcript of an interview with the Culture Secretary on the Today Programme, 25 January 2013;
(iii) A previous advice of Aidan O’Neill Q.C. commissioned by those instructing me;
(iv) An email from Jane Williams of the Department for Education dated 29 January 2013 in response to an email expressing
concerns about the impact of the new Bill on education.

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