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Working Out How to Work Together

From Together 4ward

On the 4th-6th February, the General Synod women bishops working group consulted with representatives from various parties to hear their perspectives and views on developing a way forward for legislation to introduce women bishops:
  • On the 8th February, William Fittall summarised some initial thoughts about that meeting, and invited contributions from Synod members and others to input into the next phase of developing legislation. His note is available here.
  • In light of this, Church Society and the Together4ward team undertook a listening exercise to gather opinions and suggestions from the Conservative Evangelical community. There was a great response to the EV News item particularly from Church Society members, who got in touch through emails, phone calls, face to face, etc. The EV News item is available here.
  • We are very excited to have engendered such a positive discussion, and very excited by some of the very creative thinking that has been taking place. Church Society and Together4ward have collated much of this feedback, and today emailed it through to the working group as requested. We are very grateful to the working group for seeking to hear opinions, and for their desire to undertake the discussion in a transparent manner. As such, we are making our contribution available online.
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